Thanks to Bruce Cooper for this report: The Goblin Regatta hosted by the Santa Barbara Sailing Club had seven races over the October 26th weekend with 11 boats on the line. Racers will kinda explain it was 5.5 races due to the sub 3 knot winds on Saturday that made for some really light air sailing and some really big wind shifts on the W-L style course. The top five boats from the weekend all had a first-place finish, and with a throw-out after six races, the final scores were very tight. Good J/70 racing for sure! Saturday’s races were sailed in extremely light air in warm and sunny conditions, but Tony Collins and the FLY crew showed everyone the way with two first-place finishes followed by Thomas Turnberg and the Namaste crew in second place and a three-way tie for third place. Not being on the edge of the course on any of the legs was key, especially with the wind suddenly going to zero and then blowing 2-3 from a 50-70 degree change and then back again. Sunday’s races started with more cloud cover and lower temperatures with the seabreeze coming in at 7-8 knots from the SW. The day was setting up to be a text book Santa Barbara day with the race to the right, stay clear of the kelp, jibe set at the weather mark, stay clear of the kelp, jibe and go to the leeward mark and finish. Scott Deardorff’s CAKE team knew how to do this style of racing well and sailed the day with a 2-(8)-1-2-2. There were times when wing-on-wing sailing was key to sailing down puffs and keeping angle with the fleet It seemed like all the boats had a run near the front during at least one of the races on Sunday. When the final race was over, CAKE sailed to a two-point victory over FLY in second with 3 Big Dogs in third. For complete results, visit

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