Tom Mallindine and Charlie Thompson’s Brutus III (GBR), with team Chris Grube, Ben Saxton and Elisabeth Whitener, are bringing the J/70 World Championship title to the United Kingdom from St. Petersburg Yacht Club in Florida. Ten races were sailed in spectacular conditions from October 31 through November 4. Brutus III started the regatta with a 53 (later discarded), but then never finished lower than 13 to demonstrate their determination to win and ending with 54 net points. Bruce Golison’s Midlife Crisis (USA) withstood a UFD penalty in Race Two to fulfill the runner-up position with 81 net points. Laura Grondin helmed Dark Energy (USA) to third place overall and top female skipper. She was awarded the perpetual Heli Trophy, in memory of Helen Chisolm Johnstone.

Thompson, owner of Brutus III, beamed that St. Petersburg is “one of the most beautiful places to sail in the world. We feel incredibly privileged to be able to race in a fleet against the very best sailors. I’m one of the oldest bowmen in the fleet and now a World Champion!”

Two-time US Corinthian National Champions Lee Sackett and Dave Kerr on 1516 won the battle for the Corinthian World Championship edging out the family team on Ducasse Sailing Team (CHI), led by Andres Ducasse. Michael Booker, crew on 1516 and a local St. Pete sailor, shared that boat owner Kerr is their 71-year-old bowman, and fellow team member Erica Trejo is pregnant. “We embody the Corinthian spirit, we all have day jobs. It’s an amazing accomplishment! We’ve been working hard all year doing as many events as possible and getting into the groove.”

In the 13-boat One-Pro Division, Tim Ryan, Vamos (AUS) dominated with crew Krishan Bhogal, Robert Greenhalgh and Jess Grimes.

Saturday’s race winners were Ryan McKillen’s Surge and John Heaton’s Empeiria in gorgeous planing conditions of 12-14 knots.

Top Five Overall (83 boats):

  1. Brutus III, GBR1123, Tom Mallindine/Charlie Thompson – [53] -3 -6 -8 -2 -1 -6 -8 -13 -7 ; 54
  2. Midlife Crisis, USA26, Bruce Golison – 5 -[84] -2 -39 -1 -4 -2 -6 -17 -5 ; 81
  3. Dark Energy, USA819, Laura Grondin – 4 -2 -9 -15 -12 -12 -[48] -21 -5 -28 ; 108
  4. Savasana, USA49, Brian Keane – 21 -5 -[26] -7 -17 -23 -13 -5 -21 -3 ; 115
  5. Mindset, BRA1226, Ralph Rosa – 1 -[36] -18 -1 -26 -24 -11 -2 -20 -22 ; 125

Top Three Corinthian (28 boats):

  1. Lee Sackett and Dave Kerr, 1516 (USA)
  2. Andres Ducasse, Ducasse Sailing Team (CHI)
  3. Ragna Agerup, Ragnarok (NOR)

Top Three One-Pro (13 boats):

  1. Tim Ryan, Vamos (AUS)
  2. Ahmet Eker, Eker (TUR)
  3. James Golden, Derecho (USA)

Eighty-three teams from 15 nations competed from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA. Photos/video are available via International J/70 Class social media, and complete results may be found at

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