The two-day qualifying series concluded Wednesday at the J/70 Corinthian World Championship, setting the stage for three days of Championship racing in the Gold and Silver fleets. Royal Danish Yacht Club in Denmark is hosting 109 boats from 14 nations. Puffy winds ranging 15-25 knots challenged competitors for another three races on the day, bringing the qualifying total to the scheduled six. The discard came into effect as of race five, further verifying the fleet split. In the end, 55 boats qualified for the Gold Fleet, with the balance to battle in the Silver. Scoring will start anew Thursday. The top three boats for the qualifying series were: Alberto Guarischi’s Three Musketeers (BRA), Charles Thompson’s Brutus II and Kim Christensen’s Soffe (DEN). Guarischi’s Three Musketeers (BRA) added a third bullet to open Wednesday’s flights, and Thompson’s Brutus II also crossed the line first in this round. Thompson’s Brutus II again won in the middle flight, along with Sam Haynes’ Celestial (AUS). Isabelle Fellows’ Calypso (GBR) and Phil Taylor’s EV Experts (GBR) took victories in the final flights. Countries represented are: AUS, BEL, BRA, DEN, ESP, EST, GBR, GER, FIN, NED, NOR, SUI, SWE, USA. Complete results may be found at!/results?classId=4b95684c-52d5-443b-ab61-72b131a99e6f.

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